Phuket Sandbox Program (Updated 28 September 2021)

Phuket Sandbox Program (Updated 28 September 2021)

28 Sep 2021

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(Updated 28 September 2021, edited 13 October 2021)


Phuket Sandbox Program (Valid until 31 October 2021)

The Royal Thai Embassy in Madrid would like to provide information for those who wish to enter Thailand through Phuket Sandbox Program, as follows:

Starting from 1 October 2021, travellers arriving in Phuket for the Phuket Sandbox Program must stay in Phuket for no less than 7 days before travelling to other parts of Thailand. Those planning to travel within Phuket for less than 7 days can do so, but will have to depart from Phuket to other countries.

Eligible travellers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no less than 14 days before departure. 

Travellers must obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) before travelling to Phuket, by applying for Phuket Sandbox category at

Required documents for a COE for both Thai and Non-Thai travellers: 

  1. A valid passport and visa / travel documents such as re-entry stamps and work permits (if applicable)

  2. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination, with dates of vaccination of each dose. Attach both vaccination certificates and documents issued after receiving each dose. Travellers must be fully vaccinated (completed the required number of doses) no less than 14 days before departure. Children under the age of 18 and are travelling with parents are eligible without proof of vaccination.

       **A COVID-19 recovery document with one dose of vaccine (which requires two doses) is not recognized by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand**

        Types of vaccine that are accepted include: 

           Vaccines registered with the Food and Drugs Administration of Thailand 

           (1) CoronaVac by Sinovac (2 doses needed)

           (2) AstraZeneca by AstraZeneca & Oxford University / SK BIOSCIENCE (Korea) / Siam Bioscience / Serum Institute of India (2 doses needed)

           (3) Pfizer-BioNTECH COVID-19 vaccine / Comirnaty by Pfizer-BioNTECH (2 doses needed)

           (4) Janssen by Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. (1 dose needed)

           (5) Moderna by Moderna Inc. (2 doses needed)

           (6) Sinopharm Vaccine / COVILO by Sinopharm Co., Ltd. (2 doses needed) 


           Vaccine recognized by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand for the purpose of travelling into Thailand only:

          (7) SputnikV (Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology) 


  1. Medical insurance policy (in English language) which expressly covers treatment and medical expenses in relation to COVID-19, with minimum coverage of 100,000 USD. The insurance must cover the total duration of stay in Thailand. (Travellers may consider buying an insurance at


  1. Payment proof for two COVID-19 RT-PCR testings in Phuket. The first test is to be taken on Day 0-1 and the second test on Day 6-7. The COVID-19 tests must be reserved at


  1. Air tickets to Phuket from an international airport outside Thailand.

  1. SHABA Certificate (a paid SHA+ hotel reservation confirmation throughout 7 days) Hotels without SHA+ standard are not allowed for Phuket Sandbox. The hotel list can be found at


**All travellers must get a COVID-19 test (RT-PCR only) 72 hours before departure to Thailand, with a negative result.**